Kids Martial Arts

Give your child the gift of confidence

Jiu jitsu’s real power doesn’t come from its techniques. It comes from the life lessons you learn on the mat. Values such as respect and confidence learned on the mat seep into every aspect of life. You’ll see amazing changes in your child’s behavior after they start jiu jitsu because of the sense of responsibility and empowerment being able to defend yourself brings.

Not only do our classes teach these lessons to your child, they do it in a fun and engaging environment. Our instructors weave these lessons into each class using games and exercises that teach both self defense technique and life skills.

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Self Defense

Based on leverage and technique rather than strength, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an ideal sport for young children. It teaches valuable motor skills and coordination, and techniques are adapted to make learning fun and safe. if your child is older than four, we would love to meet them and help them on their first steps through life.

Personal Development

It can be hard to deal with all the changes that happen during youth. Everything is constantly changing for them: their body, hormones, and personality. To help your child thrive during these times of flux we put an additional emphasis on personal development for all of our youth classes. During class, issues of leadership, emotional balance, responsibility, and self awareness

are all addressed to give your child the head start they deserve.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone!

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