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Learning to defend yourself is one of the most empowering actions you can take in your life. One of the reasons jiu jitsu is so effective in this manner is because you get to practice techniques in realistic situations. For this reason our number one priority at Rilion Gracie BJJ is safety

What will my first class be like?

One of the best things about jiu jitsu is that it is a fun way to get in shape while making new friends and learning a new skill. To make sure your body is ready for the activities during class we always begin with a ten minute warm up. During the warm up you’ll do some basic exercises like jogging, push ups, and sit ups, and also have the chance to work on some basic jiu jitsu movements. After your body is warm, you’ll pair up with a more advanced student who can help you out throughout class. The instructor will then teach you the technique of the day and you and your partner will have a chance to practice it with each other. Finally, class ends with some cool down and stretching.

Once you’ve had a chance to cool off, one of our staff member can discuss our membership plans with you, and answer any questions you may have.

If you have any relevant medical issues please let one of our staff members or instructors know before class begins so they can make the requisite adjustments to fit your needs.

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What should I bring?

One of our favorite comments after somebody’s first class is “I didn’t know I even had muscles there!” We love this comment because it shows that even on your first day your fitness is already improving. Like we said, jiu jitsu is a very active sport, so get ready to sweat. For your first class we recommend bringing

  • Workout clothes
  • Water bottle or sports drink
  • Snack for after class
  • Your own gi or kimono, if you have one
  • Mouth guard, if you have one
  • An ID

Any specialized equipment you’ll need for class, like the kimono, will be provided for you.

Learning anything new is always a little bit scary. This might be especially true for martial arts. To help you feel more comfortable we always encourage you to bring a friend to share the experience. Don’t worry if you can’t convince anybody you know though, we pride ourselves on being a family. Pretty soon your training partners will be some of the best friends you have!

Have more questions?

Give us a call at (832) 851 3365

For parents

While learning to defend themselves is one of the most important things a child can learn, having a strong set of values is even more important. For this reason our kids classes always work in the themes of focus, discipline, and respect. Learning these values doesn’t have to be boring though. That’s why we teach through games. This also helps your little one burn off that extra energy. There are a few things we’ve found that help set your kids up for success.

  • Many children like to wear work out clothes under their training equipment for comfort. Rash guards, T-shirts, shorts, and legging are all acceptable.
  • During class your child will be working up a sweat. To help them stay focused having enough food and water both during and after class will keep them happy.
  • If your child has already done another martial art they likely have a gi or kimono. If this is the case they are welcome to use it. If not, we can provide one for them.