Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our adult jiu jitsu classes are broken into two levels. For those who have never trained before, or are a white belt, our fundamentals classes are available. These classes focus on basic movements and techniques you’ll need for self defense and more advanced jiu jitsu. To build up your foundation there is a heavy emphasis on learning proper technique and how to perform them safely and effectively. This doesn’t mean classes are easy though. You can expect to sweat, smile, and learn from the moment you step on the mats.

For those who have a bit more experience, with at least threes stripes on your white belt, we offer advanced classes.  In these classes we shift our focus from the foundational movements of BJJ and begin to practice more advanced techniques and how to link those techniques together into sequences.
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Muay Thai Kickboxing

Our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes focus on teaching you proper striking technique, all while getting one of the best workouts of your life. You’ll learn how to punch, kick, knee, and elbow, all in a safe environment. Our classes aren’t just about learning how to fight, though. You’ll be joining a community of some of the best striking coaches and most enthusiastic students.
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Kids Martial Arts

Martial arts don’t just teach self defense. They teach discipline, respect, focus, and empathy. Our kids programs are focused on making learning defense techniques not only fun, but educational. Teh lessons your child learns on the mat will be carried with them off the mat, and throughout the rest of their life, as well. Parents always tell us stories of how their child used the lessons they used in jiu jitsu class to deal with bullies, work harder on their home work, or stand up for a friend. Plus, they get a great workout and make new friends!
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Self Defense

Knowing how to defend yourself is one of the most important skills everybody should have. Learning proper techniques that allow you to effectively disarm a threatening situation will give you the confidence to take on any situation.
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Seminars and Private Classes

Looking to get some one-on-one attention to refine your technique. Or maybe you want to get your whole office involved and share the confidence that knowing how to defend your self carries with it. Then our private coaching session and seminars are perfect for you. In these classes you can specify what you want to learn, or leave it up to the instructor.
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